Overwatch’s D.Va Is The Latest Hero To Join Heroes Of The Storm


Overwatch‘s Hana Song, or, as she’s more popularly known, D.Va, has today made her debut in Heroes of the Storm, ready to unleash her own unique brand of justice in the multiversal Nexus. For those that are already well acquainted with the character by way of Blizzard’s aforementioned shooter, D.Va’s lost little in her transition to the world of MOBAs, still eager to charge headfirst into battle while nestled inside her trademark pink MEKA, although the enemies she’ll be facing here aren’t quite the same.

Representatives from the Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft series’ will all be queueing up for the chance to try their luck at toppling the new arrival, but they’ll soon find that the world champion professional gamer has more than enough firepower in her arsenal to stand her ground. As is the case in Overwatch, D.Va’s strengths lie in her ability to essentially escape death by ejecting from her Mech when it’s destroyed to continue the fight, albeit it in a much more vulnerable form. For a full rundown of how her kit and dual playstyle function, see Blizzard’s most recent patch notes here.

Heroes of the Storm has enjoyed renewed popularity and attention recently, thanks, in large part, to a drastic update Blizzard rolled out for the free-to-play title last month. Besides introducing new loot crates similarly to those found in Overwatch, Update 2.0 introduced a raft of gameplay and progression improvements, as well as new heroes.

D.Va’s release is just the latest part of this new direction, and while she may be fighting in unfamiliar territory, there’ll be a few familiar faces to keep her company. Genji, Zarya, Lucio and Tracer have all been added to the title’s roster in past updates.

As for Overwatch, recent leaks suggest that Blizzard may be on the cusp of announcing a new limited-time event to celebrate its first anniversary. See here for all the details.

Source: Blizzard

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