Owlboy Coming To Mac And Linux, Console Ports Confirmed


If there’s one game this year that may have flown completely under your radar, there’s a good chance that its Owlboy. Having been in development for close to 10 years, this gorgeous pixel-art adventure title wowed critics and fans alike when it released last month.

Set in a fantasy world comprised of floating islands, Owlboy follows the tale of Otus, a young, mute owl whose goal is to be of some worth to his village, though his tendency to make mistakes often gets in the way. Throughout his journey, Otus teams up with one of three partners, whom he can carry as he flies around, taking advantage of Otus’ flight abilities and the gadgets and tools that are at the disposal of his current partner.

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With its refreshing gameplay, engrossing soundtrack and amazingly detailed pixel art, Owlboy was met with great fanfare, though its release is currently relegated to Windows PCs. Thankfully, developer D-Pad Studios has confirmed (via a Reddit AMA) that Owlboy will be making its way to consoles in the future, though players will have to wait, as ports for Mac and Linux are being developed first.

While we aren’t entirely sure how long the console porting process may take, it is worth noting that Owlboy was built using the XNA platform, which hasn’t been officially supported since 2013, though open source clones of XNA (such as Monogame) do exist.

If you haven’t checked out Owlboy yet, you can now snag it for 20% off during the Steam Winter sale, which lasts until January 4th.