Oxenfree Heading To PlayStation 4 With “Most Definitive Version Yet”


Night School Studio have announced that they are bringing Oxenfree to the PlayStation 4 with “the most definitive version of the game yet.” This PS4 version is being titled a “Director’s Cut” and it is set to arrive on May 31st. A slew of new content will accompany the arrival, and these additions will also be available across other platforms once the PS4 copies are released.

The most notable addition to Oxenfree will be the New Game+ mode, which will act as a surreal continuation of the story of Alex and her friends on a decommissioned military island. It will also offer new locations and additional endings that serve as an extension of the story. Upon completing the story once, players are met at the start of a new game with fresh dialogue choices and a most unfortunate sense of deja vu.


Along with the New Game+ mode, the PS4 version will use the DualShock 4 controller like the supernaturally charged radio in the game; you’ll have to sync colour glow changes on the light bar and be able to play broadcasts through the controller’s speaker.

This definitive version of Oxenfree is set for its PS4 release on May 31st, and the additional content will be made available for PC and Xbox One players the very same day. There’ll also be a behind-the-scenes documentary added to the mix, demonstrating the creative process behind this most innovative game.

Source: Sony