Paper Mario: Color Splash Will Bring The Franchise To Nintendo Wii U In 2016

paper mario color splash

After an almost decade long wait, the Paper Mario franchise will finally return to home consoles, as Nintendo has announced that Paper Mario: Color Splash will hit the Wii U in 2016. The news was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

As the title would imply, Paper Mario: Color Splash is all about the magic of color. Taking place on the once visually vibrant world of Prism Island, the action-RPG sees Mario pulling a Pleasantville, and bringing bright hues back to the island. His method of doing this does not rely on traditional paint cans and brushes, though. Instead, he can restore the color of any object by hitting it with his recently acquired paint hammer.

Continuing to move away from the traditional RPG gameplay the series started with, the combat engine of Color Splash heavily involves the Wii U TouchPad. During battle, players will be able to use the screen in order to paint cards they have collected during the adventure. After a card has been painted, it then can be flicked onto the field of battle, and will trigger a special effect.

We’ll be sure to bring you more on Paper Mario: Color Splash when Nintendo is ready to talk, so stay tuned!