Paradox Interactive Announces New Titles For 2012

Who likes new games? Raise your hands. Now, put them down. I can’t see you through the computer. That doesn’t count for you Kinect users…I can see everything.

Anyways, Paradox Interactive has announced its lineup for 2012, and it’s looking fantastic. The standouts include A Game Of Dwarves, a new Magicka expansion entitled The Other Side Of The Coin and Napoleon’s Campaigns II.

The latest Magicka expansion has me more excited than anything else to be honest. As I’ve already lost hours and friends to the title, anything that can add-on to that automatically has my attention. In The Other Side Of The Coin, players turn away from wizardry and get to start life anew as a vampire attempting to stop wizards, dwarves, elves and all of those other pesky do-gooders. There is no part of that sentence I didn’t enjoy typing. Add in the fact that the box art harkens back to the Castlevania classic Symphony Of The Night and that’s an easy sell as far as I’m concerned.

When we first mentioned A Game Of Dwarves, we didn’t have many details to give out. Paradox has helped us out a bit here, but there’s not yet a lot of meat on the bones. “Dwarves are known for drinking, digging, and developing complex settlements underground. Mostly just the drinking part though, with a hint of treasure hunting to boot.” Players will get their chance to control an entire colony of our bearded friends as they explore for resources and treasure. They can also put their bearded brains to task as researchers in order to speed up their digging and building. Training a powerful beardly army to expand and tackle enemies is also an important facet of the experience.

Napoleon’s Campaigns II doesn’t lend itself to silly puns as easily but, based on its heritage, it doesn’t have to. Napoleon’s Campaigns II is a more straight-forward strategy title, which sets out to recreate Napoleon’s grand military career as players attempt to claim Europe in the name of France. As Napoleon, players will be able to play through all of his greatest battles from Egypt to Waterloo. Conversely, they can choose to suit up as one of the other 600 historical leaders in a chance to recreate history.

Which titles are you most excited for?

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