Paradox Forecasts Snow For Cities: Skylines In The Next Few Weeks


Today Paradox Interactive have confirmed the release date for the wintery expansion pack set to arrive for their world-builder, Cities: Skylines. The Snowfall expansion was first teased in January this year when it was said to be “coming soon,” and today’s announcement has confirmed just how soon that will actually be.

The Snowfall content will – unsurprisingly – be bringing everyone’s favourite form of precipitation to the streets of Cities: Skylines, along with a number of chilly new challenges for players to face. While the white stuff may make for a picturesque landscape, we all know it can bring just as much trouble as merriment.


When the snow arrives in Cities: Skylines, you’ll need to ensure your residents’ houses can be properly heated while making sure the power is not being abused or wasted by the townsfolk. It’ll also be vital to ensure that roads remain in good order, and that public transport is able to function with minimal disruption as your residents wane under the pressure of the harsh chills.

So, when the Snowfall expansion arrives for Cities: Skylines on February 18th, will you brush it off and thrive under the challenge like hardy North Americans? Or will the merest sight of icy powder cause your civilization to grind to an almighty halt like Great Britain does once every few years?

Let’s hope you can fare better than the Brits.

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