Part 1 Of Mighty No. 9 Documentary Now Available For The Watching

Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 is chugging along nicely on Kickstarter (a massive understatement, really), and to keep things interesting and donations flowing, the team has put out the first part of a documentary about the game’s creation.

Put together by 2 Player Productions — the folks who did those hilarious Double Fine videos among other things — part 1 of the game’s behind-the-scenes video trip delves into all sorts of development aspects, from interviews with artists on the team, to looks at asset creation, to talks with Inafune himself. It’s pretty awesome and very well produced, so definitely give it a watch.

Is it odd to create a documentary about a game still being made? Well, maybe it’s not so strange – in order to keep the funding going, people want to see that Mighty No. 9 is coming along. Not only do these videos prove that, but they continue to appeal to the emotions the way the original Kickstarter video did, all while building hype for the game’s now-imminent release. Pretty brilliant if you think about it.

The next stretch goal is $3.5 million for 3DS and Vita versions, and with almost $2.9 million already raised and over two days to go, it’s certainly not impossible. Personally I would prefer to play on 3DS, so I’ll definitely be tossing some cash Inafune’s way before time is up.

Mighty No. 9 isn’t the only Kickstarter in town either, you know – the new Shantae is finally funded, but has some nifty stretch goals I’m sure Wayforward would love to be able to implement. Get on it!