Party Hard Will Arrive Fashionably Late To Consoles Next Week


After successfully arriving on Windows PC, MAC and Linux last August, Pinokl Games has finally announced when Party Hard will bring the festivities to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The bloody action stealth title, which is being published by tinyBuild Games, will arrive for home consoles on April 26.

Although the title may imply that you’ll be dancing the night away, Party Hard is anything but about having fun. Instead of placing you in the shoes of a partygoer, the title has you controlling a man out to shut down a fiesta that’s keeping him up late. And while some may just call the cops for help, our protagonist prefers to get his hands dirty. After shutting down one party, though, he soon makes it his mission to shut down every loud celebration out there.

Originally released to decent marks on the PC, Party Hard looks like the love child of Hotline Miami and Hitman. It sports the visually vibrant color scheme of the former, and the methodical assassinations of the latter. The combination of the two disparate styles may not seem like one that would work too well, but after some time with the final build of the game, I can say that it’s certainly interesting, if nothing else.

We’ll have a full review of Party Hard up in time for its console launch next week, so stay tuned!