Path Finder Update Headed To No Man’s Sky This Week, Adds New Vehicle

An awfully long time has passed since we last heard a peep out of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, but that clearly shouldn’t be taken as a sign that post-launch support of the spacefaring adventure title has concluded. Indeed, as per an article on the game’s Steam page yesterday, the indie studio confirmed that a new content update that aims to complement last year’s Foundation patch is scheduled to arrive, for the PC version at least, this week and adds a brand new vehicle to help players during their travels.

Sure, that might not sound like a particularly game-changing inclusion, but this particular ride will serve a different purpose to the usual starships you’re used to whizzing around in.

“This week Hello Games will be releasing the next content update for No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it the Path Finder Update; it introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future,” reads the announcement, which suggests that, whatever it is, this piece of kit won’t be able to go off-world, and will instead stay at the player’s base when not in use.

I haven’t touched No Man’s Sky since shortly after release, but I distinctly remember trying to traverse planets in my ship to be a more cumbersome experience than I would have liked. If this update serves to remedy that, then it’s a welcome addition in my eyes. A full list of patch notes for the update will be released when it goes live too, says Hello Games, so keep an eye out for those.

No Man’s Sky was released for PlayStation 4 and PC last year, at the height of a wave of hype that ultimately proved impossible to live up to. Unfortunately, several controversies followed, including accusations that pre-release advertising for the title had been misleading, an issue that was ultimately resolved in Hello Games’ favor.