Payday 2 Pre Order Bonuses Announced Along Side A New Gameplay Trailer

payday 2

There aren’t many games like Payday 2 on the market. Sure, you could draw a loose parallel to Left 4 Dead, but this cult classic stands alone in most regards. The team based heist simulator requires a perfect mix of first person shooting precision and a mind for strategy if you want to get out with your hard earned loot alive.

While the original game was limited to PC gamers, Payday 2 will be making the jump to the PS3 and Xbox 360 when it releases later this summer. 505 Games released a list of the pre order bonuses today, and I have to admit they’re pretty tempting.

If you lay down your money at retail for the 360 or PS3 version, you’ll grab Payday 2 for $39.99 as well as the “Lootbag DLC.” The Lootbag equips you with a military red dot weapon sight for all rifles and shotguns, a bundle of in-game cash, a skull mask, a black and red mask and a mask with “I love OVERKILL” plastered all over it.

Those of us more comfortable behind a mouse and keyboard have a few additional options thrown our way. We can nab the base game with the Lootbag DLC for $29.99 or for $49.99 we can grab the “Career Criminal Edition.” This comes along with everything in the Lootbag DLC, the full soundtrack, two beta keys (so you and a buddy can get in on the action early), a discount on all in game purchases, and two guides to help you maximize your heisting.

None of these items are going to be available after release, so if you want to grab yourself that special mask, now is the time to buy in. 505 also released a new gameplay trailer for Payday 2 today, but truth be told it doesn’t show all that much gameplay. Still, it does a fine job of conveying the tone that they are going for. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.