Peggle 2 Extreme Announcement Fever Teaser Redeems Poor E3 Reveal

peggle 2 teaser

Let’s face it, Electronic Arts completely screwed up the Peggle 2 announcement at E3 this year. The reveal of a sequel to one of (if not the) best PopCap mobile game of all time deserved far more than a quick five-second shout out by the awkward guy that EA dragged on stage to introduce Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

In fact, the Peggle 2 E3 reveal was so short and lame that it actually kicked off a debate in the WGTC news room as to if, or (more importantly) how we would cover the announcement.

Electronic Arts has still not provided a single detail or screenshot of Peggle 2, but PopCap has taken it upon themselves to redeem the lackluster E3 reveal by turning it into a completely awesome 26-second teaser trailer that perfectly encapsulates all that the Peggle franchise stands for.

The teaser trailer starts out with actual footage of the E3 reveal, and then quickly ramps up with a giant silver ball hitting the announcer, the “Ode to Joy” music, massive explosions, rainbows, and the Peggle unicorn flying around with flames shooting out of its butt.

It is beyond fantastic!

Check out the Peggle 2 Extreme Announcement Fever teaser trailer below, and see how the upcoming 2013 mobile game should have been announced.