Persona 4: Dancing All Night Gets Free Launch Week DLC


Fans of the Persona series have been blessed with the amount of titles released from the series within the past few years, and with two more huge entries hitting shelves before 2016, we’re quite the lucky lot. First up is Persona 4: Dancing All Night, the strange dancing spinoff of Persona 4 that nevertheless has fans giddy with anticipation. Hoping to sweeten the deal, Atlus is offering free DLC to fans during launch week.

Launching with the title is the Girls’ Swimsuit Set, a DLC costume set that includes swimsuits for Rise, Yukiko, Chie and Naoto. While the costumes are only available for use in Free Dance Mode and not in the actual story, it does give players the chance to customize the looks of their dancers however they see fit. Atlus has hinted that costumes are a big part of in-game items and will make up some extra DLC packs, so collectors will want to pick up the Girls’ Swimsuit Set while it’s free during launch week.

Atlus has also released a character trailer for Yukiko, the mild-mannered innkeeper. Check out a description below:

From demure innkeeper to unstoppable on the dance floor, Chie’s best friend Yukiko Amagi is in the spotlight for this character video. Known for her elegance and beauty, Yukiko definitely emanates class and grace infusing ballet and traditional Japanese dance into her routines! Yukiko cares for her friends and family deeply, and vows to become stronger to protect everyone around her — she doesn’t hesitate to help when Yu and the Investigation Team venture into the Midnight Stage to save Kanamin Kitchen!

Keep checking back here for more news as Persona 4: Dancing All Night gears up for its September 29 launch!

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