Persona 4: Golden Release Date Announced

The PlayStation Blog has finally announced a release date for Persona 4: Golden for the PlayStation Vita, the revised and expanded version of the 2008 cult-classic Persona 4, which originally launched on the PlayStation 2.

The game will be releasing stateside on November 20.

Golden – which launched quickly in Japan, becoming the Vita’s best selling game in its admittedly short history – includes  a slew of improvements to the original game, including: new night-time town-exploration sequences, which bring with them new night-jobs, additional difficulty levels,  added characters and a slew of other additions.

Persona 4: Golden presents the first chance to play the 2008 game, which launched to an excellent critical and fan reaction, on a mobile device, and while the additions to the game are exciting, I surely welcome any excuse to re-play this modern-classic. The fact that it’s been updated is only icing on the cake.