Phil Spencer Promises Xbox One Isn’t Going Anywhere Following Multiple Studio Closures


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to reassure fans that the Xbox One isn’t going anywhere despite multiple first-party studio closures. Following the disconcerting news yesterday that one of Microsoft’s first-party developers – UK-based studio Lionhead – is to close its doors, it has since emerged that the Fable developer may not be the only casualty.

The likes of BigPark, Function Studios, Good Science and LXP have all disappeared from the list of first-party developers on Microsoft’s website, according to VideoGamer, fuelling speculation that they’ve all suffered the same fate as Lionhead.

Understandably, the news has caused Xbox owners to question whether the console’s future is in jeopardy, a notion that Xbox boss Phil Spencer was quick to stamp out on Twitter, promising that the console isn’t going anywhere.

Spencer further commented that:

I’m proud of the games our 1P [first-party] Studios have shipped on XB1, our plan is continue to build new IP and expand our franchises.

It’s impossible to go into all the detail and I apologize for that. Just know I’m committed to our 1P.

Microsoft so far haven’t given any specific reason as to why Lionhead (and potentially more) has been closed, but bizarrely, development on Fable Legends has been halted and cancelled despite being near to completion.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated, should Microsoft give a reason for the closure(s).