You Can Pick Up Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package Starting Next Week

Those who’ve yet to pick up and play through Saints Row: The Third should look into the game’s Full Package edition, which will arrive next week. Containing all of the zany downloadable content released for the sandbox action title, including the unbelievable outfits, creative weapons and DLC campaigns, it definitely contains value for your hard earned dough. That’s especially true, since the package also boasts some brand new clothing items, which have been gifted to players by developer Volition Inc.

In my opinion, Saints Row: The Third was one of the best games of 2011. In fact, it was so entertaining that it was hard to put down, even when I’d finished everything it had to offer, apart from the time-consuming challenges. The downloadable quests weren’t great by any means, but they added some fun to an experience that was already teeming with absurd hilarity and great gameplay.

North American gamers can pick up Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package on November 6, while those in other regions will have to wait an extra ten days.