Pikachu Yellow Edition New 3DS XL Coming To The US On February 24


It may be coming to the States a year later than everywhere else, but as of next month, those living in the US will finally be able to get their hands on a special 3DS plastered with Pikachu’s face. From February 24, the Pikachu Yellow Edition New 3DS XL will be available for $239.99 at various retailers and, as is usually the case with all limited edition versions of the handheld, is likely to sell out fast, so you’ll want to get your pre-order in quickly if you want one. If you’re trying to justify the purchase to yourself, don’t worry – Nintendo’s press release also reminds you that there’s quite a few exciting games headed to the console throughout 2017.

Due to release a few weeks prior to the above, Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World will go on sale from February 3, featuring new content not available in the original Wii U version. Besides a new Poochy amiibo figure, additional stages and the Craft Yoshi Editor will be included in the re-release, as well as “charming stop-motion animated videos starring the two characters.” If that sounds like your thing, a free demo is available to download now on the eShop.

Tank Troopers and Mario Sports Superstars are set to follow on February 16 and March 24 respectively, with the latter set to introduce a new ‘amiibo card’ feature that unlocks “fun bonuses” by tapping them on the console. Rounding out the rest of the release schedule is Pikmin‘s debut on 3DS, which will adopt a side-scrolling structure to the unique resource management series. By the looks of it, this one is still a ways off from release, with a generic 2017 date still attached.

So, there you have it: Nintendo’s still got plenty planned for its popular handheld for the year ahead, despite fears that the impending arrival of the Nintendo Switch could see it fall by the wayside.

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