Pikmin 3 Will Not Have Online Multiplayer

In a recent interview, famed Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto dropped some more details on the recently-announced Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. One of the more notable confirmations he revealed was that the game will not feature any online multiplayer modes.

Miyamoto detailed the reasons behind the decision, talking about how Nintendo‘s recent attempts at online play in such titles as Mario Kart made it evident to the company how long-distance internet connections can negatively affect gameplay. Because the Pikmin series revolves around controlling dozens of individual creatures with unique movements and locations, it would be very difficult to quickly sync all of the game’s data between players.

Miyamoto also talked about Pikmin 3‘s long development cycle, saying that various experiments were previously tried on the DS, 3DS, and Wii before settling on a Wii U game. Most of the features from the proposed Wii version of Pikmin 3 were carried over to the current Wii U version.

Pikmin 3 is currently scheduled for an unspecified release date during the Wii U’s launch window, most likely between the end of the year and the beginning of 2013.

We will keep you updated as more news on the game becomes available.