Pirate-Themed XBOX Live Deal Of The Week Currently On Deck

If you’ve been itching to make someone walk the plank, or at least look like a badass pirate, Microsoft has you covered. This week’s XBOX Live Deal of the Week is pirate-themed, providing deals on Arcade games and avatar items that are related to the swashbuckling menaces. Armchair pirates can prepare their ships for sail.

Here is a list of this week’s XBLA deals:

Monkey Island Special Edition – 400msp
Deadliest Warrior – 400msp
Age of Booty – 200msp

Avatar Items:

Pirate Outfit – 160msp
LeChuck Outfit – 120msp
Pirate Telescope – 80msp

Each of the aforementioned digital downloads are 50% off of their normal prices. The deal is available to XBOX Live Gold Members.