Oh The Places You’ll Go In Kingdom Hearts 3D

If you’ve been paying attention, there are some exciting worlds you’ll be traveling to in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Sure, you’ll be revisiting a few crucial areas, but there are many new worlds to explore and rid of the Dream Eaters.

The new trailer below highlights some of your new destinations. You’ll visit Paris in the Hunchback of Notre Dame world. You’ll fight Monstro in the Pinocchio world and you’ll apparently fight a giant, neon-colored T-Rex in the Three Musketeers world.

I have to say, as a life-long Disney nut, I’m already getting that giddy feeling inside of reliving each of these movies through their respective worlds. Except TRON. I can do without TRON.

Just another two weeks, folks. The game is out July 31.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.