Platforming Sequel N++ Makes A Dash For PS4 Later This Month


Metanet Software has confirmed plans to bring minimalist platforming sequel N++ to PlayStation 4 on July 29, according to a post on PlayStation Blog.

Those in North American user will be able to nab the anticipated follow-up a day early thanks to PSN’s update schedule. As for the game itself, N++ is set to feature a staggering 2,360 unique levels across three separate modes: solo, co-op and race. But what lends the platformer its inherent lasting appeal is the level editor, opening up creation tools for players to craft their own arenas if they so choose.

Over on PS Blog, Co-Founder Mare Sheppard trumpeted the quality of the sequel and how, after two years of blood, sweat and tears, that it represents the very best game the studio could possibly make.

“I can tell you with complete and enthusiastic confidence, N++ is the masterpiece we set out to make. It has turned out even better than we expected it to, and partly because of the N++ beta we ran over the past few weeks.”

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be pleased to note that N++ will come tethered with a 20% discount during launch week, while the standard price of the platformer will witness an increase following its first update given that the patch itself will essentially double the size of the experience. Expect a boatload of more levels to plough through, then.

N++ will make a dash to PlayStation 4 on July 29. Tell us, are you looking forward to the release of the platforming sequel on Sony’s console? Let us know below.