Playable Ada Wong And Agent Hunt Mode Revealed For Resident Evil 6

Popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has let some more details drop regarding an additional playable character and game mode for the upcoming Resident Evil 6.

Series regular Ada Wong will have her own playable story that is unlockable after beating the three main campaigns for Leon, Chris, and Jake. Unlike the three leads, Ada’s campaign will have her fighting solo most of the time, without any partner characters. However, she will run into the three leads from time to time, and a clever online component will come into play here. People who play as the main three characters and encounter Ada may have the opportunity to play online with whoever is controlling her, and vice versa.

Additionally, another new online mode will be enabled for those who complete the main game. Called Agent Hunt, the mode will let players control specific monsters that other players are confronting in the main campaign, and attempt to take out the main characters. Players controlling the human characters will be alerted when another player takes control of a monster, but will not be told which one it is.

Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release on October 2. Several screenshots detailing both Ada Wong’s story and Agent Hunt can be viewed below.

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