Apex Legends Players Are Being Swallowed By A Hole In The Map


Opposing players are no longer the #1 threat standing between you and sweet victory in Apex Legends. The groundskeepers of Kings Canyon, it seems, have struggled to keep up with the constant state of war unfolding within its walls and quit their jobs. At least, that’s the in-universe explanation for why giant potholes have started appearing in-game. The real explanation, no doubt, is the prevalence of a nasty bug that’s causing parts of Apex‘s playable map to disappear entirely.

How many of these well-hidden black holes are present and unaccounted for in Apex Legends isn’t clear, but one player recently had the unfortunate pleasure of stumbling upon one such glitch in the system.

As you can see in the video found on Reddit via the link below, the player is seen attempting to evade enemy fire by squeezing into a narrow gap. A solid move, but before they’re even able to reach the other side, the ground simply gives way and sends the poor soul plummeting several hundred feet. Out of bounds glitches such as these are hardly new, of course, but in Apex Legends‘ case, their existence presents a somewhat humorous predicament.

In any other game, the affected player would undoubtedly take enough fall damage to kill them. That particular law of physics doesn’t apply to Respawn’s shooter though, meaning any player unfortunate enough to lose their footing will simply find themselves stuck either until the match ends, or the encroaching storm circle finishes them off. For now, at least, the best course of action is simply to avoid any areas where map glitches are known to be present. Nastibass says his run-in with the issue occurred close to the Relay in the North-East, so that’s one no-go zone to be wary of.

If you’ve come across any similar oddities while playing Apex Legends recently, feel free to warn your comrades via the comments section below!

Source: Reddit