You Can Look Forward To Playing Dark Souls III At This Year’s Gamescom

Leaks and rumors had already made Dark Souls 3 all but a certainty, but that didn’t stop fans of From Software’s brutal, captivating flagship series from going a little mad at its unveiling. Not only is Dark Souls 3 coming exclusively to modern consoles and PC, but it will see the return of Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who bowed out of the first sequel to work on Bloodborne. Certain press releases indicate this will be the final Dark Souls game, so diehards will have to treasure each of their (many) deaths when Dark Souls 3 arrives in early 2016.


Were you excited to see the official gameplay reveal of Dark Souls III at E3 this year after prior leaks hinted heavily hinted towards its existence? Did that excitement quickly turn to annoyance when it became clear that From Software wasn’t showing off gameplay to the public? Yeah, us too. Not to worry though – the world will finally get the chance to see Dark Souls III in action in just a few weeks as it will be available to play by the public at this year’s Gamescom event in Germany.

Right now, we can only speculate on how Dark Souls III is going to look, feel and play in relation to its predecessors, but what we do know is that famed Japanese games director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, will be returning to his duty as overseer after being absent for the second instalment in the series. Dark Souls II was criticized for not featuring the same, intricate, interconnecting level design as the original Dark Souls, an absence that’s largely been attributed to Miyazaki’s reduced involvement with it.

Dark Souls III is currently scheduled for an early 2016 release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Let us know in the comments below what new features or changes you’re hoping to see with the third part in the trilogy.

Source: VideoGamer