Are You Playing L.A. Noire In Colour Or Black and White?

Did you know that you could be playing L.A. Noire in black and white, instead of colour? If you look in the game’s options menu, you’ll find a listing for a black and white mode, which makes the game resemble the films from the era in which it takes place.

“We always knew we would create a proper noir mode with the black & white setting for L.A. Noire considering how much inspiration for the game came from classic noir films like The Naked City and The Asphalt Jungle” stated art director, Rob Nelson. “Playing in black & white adds a somewhat nostalgic, cinematic feel to the game, and we’d definitely recommend that players experiment with this setting and see what they prefer best.”

Now that you’re aware of this mode, will it make you change your visual settings for authenticity sake? Rockstar and Team Bondi certainly have each camp covered.