PlayStation 4 Free Multiplayer Week Kicks Off Tomorrow, February 17

If you don’t own an Xbox One and felt left out by the news earlier that owners of Microsoft’s console get to enjoy an entire weekend of free online play starting today, don’t be – Sony’s holding a similar promotion starting tomorrow, only this lasts for a whole week. From February 17-24, all games with online multiplayer or co-op components can be accessed by all PlayStation 4 owners, regardless of their PS Plus subscription status.

The post over on Sony’s PlayStation Blog gives the helpful suggestion of spending the free time burning through prestige ranks in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – a fine suggestion, especially when you consider the recent arrival of the shooter’s Sabotage map pack – but there’s a more recent title just recently released for the console that could make better use of your time.

Having launched last week exclusively for PS4, Team Ninja’s Souls-like Nioh has been receiving rave reviews across the board ever since, so if you’ve yet to pick it up and can find a copy (some online retailers have already sold out), we strongly recommend you give it a go. Like the series from which it draws inspiration, players can hook up for a spot of co-op in the form of summoning each other for some tag-team action. You’ll be grateful for the extra pair of hands, too, as some of Nioh‘s bosses can get pretty tricky.

Do note, however, that the above only applies to North America – European players will get a similar free period starting February 22, although it only runs for a weekend rather than the full seven days.