PlayStation 4 Owners Can Now Download One Of The Console’s Best Games For Free


As if heavily discounting hundreds of popular titles wasn’t already enough to entice PlayStation 4 owners into staying at home during the ongoing global pandemic, Sony has now decided to go one step further by simply giving them away for free. First released back in 2016, IO Interactive’s terrific Hitman reboot is now free to download on PS4, though only for a meagre few days, so if you’re interested in killing bad people for a living as Agent 47, now’s the time to jump in.

Do note, however, that it’s currently not clear at this time if everyone who downloads the stealth title will retain the entire game free of charge following the promotional period’s end or whether this is simply a trial period. According to IO over on the company’s official Twitter, the latter is correct and come May 3rd, you’ll be required to pay full price in order to keep playing. The product listing over on PlayStation Store, on the other hand, makes no apparent mention of this version being a limited-time affair. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which it is.


Either way, you’ll have access to the entire game (each stage was originally released in an episodic format) and, assuming you’ve even the slightest inkling of what to expect, it’ll take around 10 hours to reach the end credits. Not lengthy at all, then, but it’s worth noting that replayability comes in the form of multiple non-linear approaches to taking out each of the hired gun’s targets.

For the low, low price of absolutely free, this one’s worth a play or two, no doubt about it. Though those still on the fence can head through here for our original reviews of each standalone Hitman episode.