[Update] PlayStation 4 Reveal – Watch The Live Stream Here

This evening at 3:00pm Pacific/5:00pm Central/6:00pm Eastern/11:00pm GMT Sony is expected to finally reveal their next generation successor to the PS3, the PlayStation 4. While the event itself is invite only, you can get a front row seat by watching the entire presentation right here via the live stream video embedded below.

Leading up to tonight’s event we have heard countless rumors and endless speculation about the PlayStation 4. Some believable, some too good to be true, and some we hope stay rumors.

  • Will the next generation Sony console incorporate a touch pad and PlayStation Move sensor into the controller, as leaked pictures of an unconfirmed prototype suggest?
  • Has Sony really tasked Gaikai with providing some sort of game streaming service to the PS4 via the PlayStation Cloud?
  • Is Sony planning to turn PlayStation Plus into PlayStation World and make the premium service a requirement to use “most’ of the PlayStation 4’s online features?
  • Will we be able to control the PS4 through our smart phones and tablets?
  • Can Sony successfully launch the PlayStation 4 worldwide before the end of the current year, and will its price tag fall within the $429 and $529 range as rumors have suggested?
  • Does Sony have a lineup of PlayStation 4 games ready to show at tonight’s event? Has The Last Guardian really been pushed over to the next generation console?

We are not expecting to get answers to all those questions during the event tonight, however, Sony will likely clear up most of the chatter and provide us with a few surprises as well.

Bookmark this page and check back at 3:00pm Pacific/5:00pm Central/6:00pm Eastern for the live stream PlayStation 4 reveal. WGTC will also be reporting on all the next generation hardware and software news as it breaks, so make sure to check back in with us for all the latest updates.

[Update] Read our full run down of Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement for all of the details about the next generation console that have been revealed so far.

[Update 2] The full PlayStation 4 press conference can be watched from the video embedded below.