PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Date Reportedly Revealed

PlayStation 5

In what continues to be a bizarre turn of events, both Sony and Microsoft have remained tight-lipped on how much their respective next-gen hardware is going to cost the consumer.

With just months to go until both consoles are expected to arrive, the platform holders are beginning to test the patience of fans in both camps. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are, after all, both going to cost hundreds of dollars each, and with 2020 proving to be a financially difficult year for many due to obvious reasons, putting cash aside for either is proving to be tough, especially given that an official price tag has yet to materialize.

The assumption, of course, is that both parties are waiting for the other to relent and show its hand first, leaving the other free to price their product lower to make it more attractive. Such a move would likely do little to sway those who already have an established preference, however, making the current situation all the more frustrating.

That being the case, then, it’s hardly surprising that unconfirmed pre-order dates have been flying around online, and while this one, shared by semi-reliable Twitter user Tony Stark (no, not that Tony Stark) could prove to be true, we’d caution against taking it as gospel. September 9th, they say, is the date worth making note of on your calendar which, if accurate, would likely be the very same day that we’d finally be privy to a PlayStation 5 price announcement.

As always, all we can do is wait and see if the claim comes to fruition, though even if not, Sony is quickly running out of time to spill the beans. Expect an announcement within the next several weeks at the very latest.