PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Kat And Emmett Characters Detailed

Last month Superbot Entertainment confirmed that Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett Graves (Starhawk) would be included in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster as free DLC. Today the developer has given us our first good look at the two characters by releasing the first details and screenshots for the upcoming fighters.

Kat’s fighting style in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be very much in keeping with her abilities in Gravity Rush. This means she will be focused on aerial “kicked-based attacks” and “gravity manipulation” moves, like “gravity wells” that suck in nearby players. One interesting detail about Kat is that she does not have a double jump in her move set, but instead makes use of her Gravity Dash. This allows her to enter a cancellable “mini-flight mode” in which she can move in eight directions through the air.

Superbot did not detail all of Kat’s Supers but did reveal her Level 1 ability to be the Gravity Squeeze, which is based on the finishing attack that she uses against bosses in Gravity Rush. The developer described the move as follows:

“Kat leaps at her foe, stealing a giant orb of energy. As she destroys the orb, her victim explodes. If anyone is caught within the resulting blast of energy, they explode too! This is a very powerful Super, but one that will require Kat players to be clever in order to score maximum points.”

As for Emmett Graves, the majority of his moves will center around advanced technology weapons and Starhawk‘s Build & Battle system. The most important Build & Battle move is the ability to call down a Bunker to change his weapon loadout. Superbot detailed two different weapon loadouts that Emmett can change to using the Bunker. The first gives him access to the Aerial M.A.W. Rocket Launcher (long range and powerful projectile) and the Tetranite Grenade Launcher (devastating AP generation attack). The second loadout combines the Union Shotgun (short-range firepower) and R-Secs Proximity Mine (used for space control via persistent mines).

Superbot also revealed that Emmett’s Level 3 Super allows him to take control of a Hawk in both its mech and flight modes. In mech configuration the Hawk uses heavy machine gun fire and floating mines to take down opponents, while the flight mode allows Emmett to “rain down a final hail of bullets that’s tough to survive”.

Finally, Superbot also announced a new level for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that they have been calling the codename “Fearless”. Fearless is a “mash-up” level that combines the world of Heavenly Sword and the futuristic race tracks of the Wipeout series. Two screenshots of the Fearless level are included in the gallery below.

Superbot Entertainment has still not revealed a release date for the free Kat and Emmett PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC, but insists that it will launch “early next year”. We will let you know as soon as the developer has nailed down a more specific release window.

Source: PlayStation Blog