PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko And Sir Daniel Fortesque Trailers

Sony confirmed yesterday that Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque will be playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. However, it took until today for the pair to get their official announcement, which includes trailers, artwork, and fighting-style details.

Nariko, from the PS3-exclusive Heavenly Sword, has several projectile attacks at her disposal, but also has some interesting close-in abilities. During her combo attacks, different “key poses” can be initiated by the player within her offense. These “poses” can be used to continue the offensive attack with combos and juggle starters, or switch to defensive options like dodging, jumping, and parrying combos.

Sir Daniel Fortesque, from the MediEvil series, is more of a “crowd-control” fighter who can easily build up AP by staying in the middle of the action. True to his franchise, Sir Daniel uses several weapons in battle including his axe, crossbow, various parts of his skeletal body, or a chicken drumstick.

Check out the PlayStation All-Stars‘ trailers for Nariko and Sir Daniel below, and you can get a hands-on preview of them at the PlayStation booth at PAX Prime in Seattle all this weekend.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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