PlayStation Asia Lists Grand Theft Auto 3 For Sept 25th PSN Release

Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally scheduled to launch on the PlayStation Store’s PS2 Classics section last July, but was delayed due to a “last minute” licensing problem with one of the game’s music tracks. Neither Rockstar or Sony has announced a new release date, however, the Hong Kong PlayStation Store is now saying that the game will arrive on September 25th.

This release date does not necessarily mean that Western gamers will also get Grand Theft Auto 3 on the same day. With that said, the date does square up with the North American PlayStation Store’s regular Tuesday update, so it seems likely that Rockstar’s classic will make it to the PSN next week.

If the September 25th date holds for the North American version of Grand Theft Auto 3 an announcement should come later this week. As soon as something official is released we will let you know.

Source: PlayStation Asia, via PSNStores