New PlayStation Plus Deal Offers Two PS4 Horror Games For Just $2

Amnesia Collection

Halloween might not be due to roll around again for some time, but you don’t need an excuse to play these stellar PlayStation horror games.

Responsible for creating some of the scariest titles in recent memory, indie studio Frictional Games’ rise to prominence gained true momentum back in 2010 with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Released at a time when the survival horror genre had become all but extinct in mainstream AAA development, protagonist Daniel’s quest to restore his memory by delving ever deeper into a dilapidated castle has become something of a landmark experience over the last decade and is considered by many genre fans to be an essential play.

Unlike its predecessor, The Chinese Room didn’t quite manage to recapture the same magic that made the original a treat, with A Machine For Pigs garnering largely mixed reviews. For a sequel where the bar was set so high, though, such an outcome is somewhat expected and the ‘lesser’ reception certainly shouldn’t turn you away from giving both a try, should the opportunity arise. And fortunately, folks who have yet to explore the series can do so right now for a ridiculously low price.

Amnesia Collection

From today until tomorrow, Sony has slashed the cost of Amnesia: The Collection by a whopping 90%. Those not currently subscribed to PlayStation Plus can pick up the compendium for $2.99 or $2 if you have an active membership.

A bargain, either way, no doubt, though it’s worth noting that this bundle does not include last year’s long-awaited sequel, Rebirth. Given the timing of this discount, we wouldn’t at all be surprised if Frictional is currently planning to release an updated collection that brings all three together but for now, you won’t get better value for money than this. Enjoy the nightmare that awaits!