PlayStation Fans Are Furious Over Recent PS Store Changes

Image via Playstation

Sony has found itself in hot water with customers yet again recently, thanks to a move that many loyal PlayStation fans have branded as shortsighted.

For those not aware, the console manufacturer is in the process of upgrading backend systems for services in preparation for next month’s all-important PS5 launch. This includes a complete overhaul of the PlayStation Store due to roll out in full next week, October 19th, though some components have already gone live. One of these, it seems, is an updated version of the Game Library website which, up until now, at least, has served as a useful tool for users to keep track of all purchased software across multiple consoles. Previously, any games bought, played or downloaded via the likes of PlayStation Now or PS Plus would show up in this library, including those from earlier and/or now-retired systems such as the PS3 or PSP/Vita.

As of writing, however, all the latter are absent from the site, resulting in a number of frustrating side effects. For starters, it’s currently impossible to view or purchase any backwards compatible titles via the Game Library, with the only workaround now being to boot up said devices directly. Of course, the major inconvenience has prompted many to voice their frustrations on social media, as you can see below.

Unfortunate circumstances, to say the least, and while it’s definitely worth waiting for an official response from Sony on the matter, this is yet more negative PR they could do without. With accusations of anti-consumerist practices growing louder by the day (see: Spider-Man‘s poorly-handled remaster), the industry giant definitely needs a big win ahead of the PlayStation 5’s release next month. As for today’s hot topic, though, stay tuned for further developments.