Both PlayStation Plus Free Games For June Now Available To Download

PS Plus Playstation

PlayStation Plus members who have spent the last week or so filling their boots with all the triple-A military action they desire, courtesy of Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: WWII, can now enjoy, well, more of the same with the promotion’s second free game of the month. Admittedly, wading through historic battlefields with traditional weaponry isn’t quite the same as a galaxy-wide war fought with space magic and laser rifles, but you get the idea.

Star Wars Battlefront II, the second freebie of June, is now available to download for all PS Plus subscribers and like the aforementioned WWII, will remain so until next month, July 6th, wherein both will be rotated out in favor of new, hopefully more diverse, adventures.

For those who perhaps aren’t the biggest fans of shoot ’em ups due to a general preference for single-player focused entertainment, it’s worth noting that both have their own single-player components, with Battlefront II‘s being particularly noteworthy as being canon to the wider Star Wars mythology. We’ve even heard that the much-anticipated second season of Disney Plus show The Mandalorian could bridge the gap between games and live-action further by including characters from the former, though we’ll no doubt have to wait until later in the year to discern whether there’s any truth to that.

For those yet to get their feet wet in DICE’s addition to the Star Wars universe, you can peruse our coverage of the various content updates and expansions that the sequel has received over the last three years, as well as WGTC’s original review by hitting the respective links.

Enjoy, and be sure to drop a comment down below letting us know if you’ll be picking up either of the PlayStation Plus freebies this month.