PlayStation Plus Free Games For September Predictions

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With the halfway mark of August fast approaching, PlayStation owners will undoubtedly already be wondering what selection of free games Sony has in store for PS Plus subscribers as summer turns to fall. That is, of course, assuming that your free time hasn’t been wholly consumed by Mediatonic’s devilishly addictive Fall Guys, which remains free for all subscribers for a solid few weeks as yet.

If competing against 59 other adorable, jellybean-shaped players in what’s arguably the most unique spin on the battle royale genre to date isn’t your jam, though, Activision’s alternative offering has you covered. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (the name will never not be ridiculous) takes you back to the golden years of Infinity Ward’s contribution to the franchise with a gorgeously touched-up story packed with iconic moments such as ‘No Russian’ and ‘Second Sun.’

As for September, without a crystal ball to look upon, we can only speculate as to the games that Sony intends to hand out at no additional charge next month, though that doesn’t mean we can’t make some educated guesses. Should the platform holder continue to follow a similar format to that of the last few months, the pair will no doubt be split down the middle between one triple-A title and the other, either a newly-released indie game or one that launched fairly recently.

fall guys

With Marvel’s Avengers just weeks away from full launch, there’s every chance that some sort of tie-in, say, Lego Marvel Super Heroes or its sequel could be on the cards as a means of celebrating its release, with the second offering being a little-known passion project in desperate need of some exposure. Fall Guys certainly benefitted from being included in PS Plus, after all, and continues to attract massive figures both in-game and on streaming sites such as Twitch.

That’s enough speculation from us, though. As always, be sure to let us know what games you’d like to see included with PS Plus next month in the usual place below!