PlayStation Now Giving Away Free PS4 Goodies For Limited Time

The Last of Us 2

From Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter in the early days to Uncharted and The Last of Us on newer consoles, very few developers have had the same kind of impact on the PlayStation exclusives library as Naughty Dog. While all of their franchises have inspired other studios to grow and change the landscape of modern gaming, The Last of Us in particular ushered in a new focus on deeper narratives and intimate gameplay, going on to serve as a blueprint for many of the industry’s most beloved titles over the past generation.

Because of this, it’s considered one of gaming’s most treasured franchises and even has its own yearly holiday for fans to join together and celebrate. Previously known as Outbreak Day, the celebration got a new name this year, as Naughty Dog felt the original was a depressing reminder of the COVID-19 pandemic. Less depressing, however, is that tomorrow is that special day, and there are plenty of great deals and freebies in store for fans to grab while they can.

Naughty Dog and Sony have teamed up to offer some cool merch, such as limited edition posters, a board game, character statues, vinyl soundtracks, and more, and you can find all of that here. But if you’re not looking to spend money, you’ll want to focus on the content currently available on the PlayStation Store.

From now until September 28th, you can download every theme and avatar released for The Last of Us Part II, including a brand new dynamic theme that features a calm beach with relaxing ocean waves crashing on it. It’s certainly a lot more peaceful than the brutal and harrowing game it’s from, of course, and it makes for great background noise while you’re scrolling around on your PlayStation 4.

Tell us, will you be participating in this year’s The Last of Us Day? Let us know in the comments section down below, and be sure to pick up these freebies while you can.