PlayStation Plus’ March Update Delivers Tomb Raider And Dead Nation


Sony has unveiled March’s new additions to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, with Dead Nation: Apocalypse and Tomb Raider set to arrive when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse will be available for PS4 users and features a range of improvements over its original PS3 offering. Now, the top-down zombie shooter is available in full 1080p HD with enhanced rendering, effects, controls, textures and even a brand new quick weapon select option. Additionally, The Road to Devastation expansion is included with two extra game modes, Arcade and Endless.

What truly sets Dead Nation: Apocalypse apart from the original, though, is its inclusion of Challenge and Broadcast+ mode, which deliver new ways for players to engage with the game. Challenge mode allows you to send your score to a friend after completing a single level, and test their abilities against the zombie hordes. Interestingly, if you decide your friends can’t quite keep up, then you can easily challenge leaderboard entries for any single level.

The brand new Broadcast+ mode is aiming to increase your interactivity with the community by live streaming your game while enabling your viewers to vote between a positive and negative effect that dynamically occurs in-game. With a total of 30 different voting effects, which vary from spawning zombie packs to disabling your sprint ability, players should have no problem finding new life in the zombie shooter.

Of course, you can always jump into the gritty PS3 reboot of Tomb Raider, if cracking zombie skulls isn’t quite your thing.

Be sure to check the PlayStation Store tomorrow for the update and let us know which of these titles you’re planning to download in the comments below.