You Can Now Get Your PlayStation Network Content Through Amazon


Sony and Amazon have officially teamed up to allow gamers to purchase PlayStation Network digital content through the massively popular online retailer. High profile titles such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts can be purchased right now through

In addition to the numerous big Holiday titles, Sony has made most of their previously released PSN content available for purchase as well. So you can now use your Amazon store credit or Amazon credit cards in order to buy everything from smaller releases such as Braid to the biggest titles of the past year, like Grand Theft Auto V. Sony is also planning to allow DLC content to be available on Amazon the same day that it is released on the PSN.

For people who already purchase their content digitally through the PlayStation Network, Sony is currently offering additional incentive for going through Amazon. If you plan on purchasing recently released titles such as The Last Of Us, Madden 25 or Batman: Arkham Origins on, the company will give you an additional $5 credit that can be applied towards another product.

Honestly, this is a great idea on Sony’s part. They are pairing up with the biggest online retailer in the world and it will no doubt help the company continue to improve sales. If Microsoft was smart, they would follow in their opponents’ footsteps and make their upcoming digital content available through the online giant as well. Whether or not they end up doing that though remains to be seen.

Tell us, will you be buying PlayStation Network content on Let us know in the comments section below.