Playstation Owners Will Get Exclusive Watch Dogs Content


Ubisoft’s next open world adventure is the high-concept Watch Dogs and, after dropping jaws across the gaming industry at last year’s E3, the game finally has a release date with some exclusive DLC content to boot.

In a statement provided to Eurogamer, here’s what Ubisoft revealed:

“We can confirm that customers who will purchase Watch Dogs on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will be able to download 60 minutes of additional gameplay via the PlayStation Network after the game’s launch. As of now, we have no more details to share.”

The additional content itself will come packaged in a digital download and will only be available on Sony’s flagship console, for now. This is undoubtedly a massive boost for the Japanese juggernaut, after all, for years Microsoft have held the lion’s share of exclusive content and would often get DLC such as Call Of Duty map packs ahead of the competition. Also, Watch Dogs is a game that has a ton of positive buzz surrounding it and the late November release date would position it well within the launch window of the next Xbox, especially now that Ubisoft have confirmed the game’s availability on day one for the PS4.

Following a vigilante known as Aiden Pierce, Watch Dogs is as unique as it is ambitious. Imagine the expansive exploration of Assassin’s Creed moulded with the crime-ridden debauchery of Grand Theft Auto. The game will allow players to hack, manipulate and steal all kinds of information within the metropolis of Chicago and promises a gameplay experience that is both intelligent and just downright fun. Hey, in the age of phone hacking and Wikileaks, this is a game that pretty much speaks to the zeitgeist and, I for one, can’t wait to see more of Watch Dogs at E3 in June.

Ubisoft’s title will be available on current-gen systems including the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U and the future consoles once they are released to retail.

What do you make of this new IP? With the promise of exclusive content, will Watch Dogs be a day one purchase for you? Check out the latest trailer below and drop your impressions in the comment section.