PlayStation Owners Furious At Sony Over Xbox Game Pass Announcement

MLB The Show 2021

Sony is causing uproar among PlayStation owners due to a massively controversial recent announcement that it claims is completely out of its control.

For those in need of some context, MLB: The Show, the long-running baseball video game series developed by San Diego Studios, is headed to Microsoft’s Xbox for the first time ever later this month in a move that’s astounded fans and pundits alike. A well-established property renegotiating exclusivity deals is hardly a rare occurrence, of course, but this time, things are different. For starters, San Diego Studios is a subsidiary owned directly by Sony, meaning that for all intents and purposes, the MLB brand in gaming is synonymous with PlayStation.

Legally, of course, the US-based Major League Baseball organization owns the brand and license and has the final say on matters pertaining to platform and availability. That being the case, MLB – not Sony – has the power to dictate where tie-in video games end up appearing and it would seem that the association wishes to expand the franchise’s reach to a previously untapped market AKA Xbox.

An unprecedented move in itself, no doubt, but even more so following confirmation from Microsoft that MLB 2021 will not only be available on their console but essentially be ‘free’ via Game Pass (subscriptions cost $10 a month).

MLB The Show 19 Screenshot

Conversely, the title isn’t intended to be included with PlayStation Plus or any other alternative promotion, meaning the only avenue of ownership baseball fans will have when MLB: The Show 2021 launches on April 20th will be to pay the full $70 asking price. Naturally, this has led to a massive uproar on social media, with responses ranging from dumbfoundedness to harsh criticism, and you can check out a sample for yourself below…

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