PlayStation Plus September Preview: Resident Evil Chronicles HD, ICO, And More

resident evil chronicles hd collection ps-plus

Surprise! Sony has rolled out the PlayStation Plus September preview a few days early, revealing that Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection will hit subscribers’ free Instant Game Collection when the PS Store updates next Tuesday.

For those unfamiliar with Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection, the title is basically an HD port of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. These two games are on-rails shooters that take players through some of the best moments from Resident Evil Zero, the original Resident Evil, RE 3, RE 2, RE: Code Veronica, and a couple of extra special missions. While the “on-rails” gameplay might turn some off, these are two great titles that Resident Evils fans should not hesitate to download. One word of warning, the two Chronicles games were built with the Wiimote’s IR pointer in mind. Both are playable with regular controllers, but you will get the most out of them if you have the PS Move.

Aside from Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection in next week’s PlayStation Plus update, the rest of September will see the following titles hit the Instant Game Collection: the HD remastered version of the classic PS2 hand-holding simulator ICO, Galaga Legions DX for the PS3, Rayman Origins for the Vita, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP/Vita.

As always there could be a few surprises for PlayStation Plus members during the month, so stay tuned for the weekly updates every Monday to get the full scoop.