PlayStation Plus Update: Knytt Underground Free, Grid 2 And Metro Discounts


knytt underground

This week’s PlayStation Store update will bring with it a free copy of Knytt Underground for PlayStation Plus members, along with a discount on GRID 2 and Metro: Last Light.

Knytt Underground is set hundreds of years in the future, long after the humans disappeared from the planet. Sprites, fairies and various other lifeforms inhabit underground tunnels. Curious about their own origin and the meaning of life, the lifeforms try to understand the ones who had once figured it out: the Humans.

Players take on the role of Mi Sprocket, a sprite chosen to perform a religious ritual that will supposedly save the world. Mi is joined by two fairies; Dora (who tries to find some truth in everything) and Cilia (who thinks people are stupid). Together they must travel the underground to complete the ritual, even though they feel it is unlikely that it will actually do anything.

At its core, Knytt Underground is an exploration 2D platformer in which players solve environmental puzzles by switching between Mi’s default humanoid form and a “ball” shape that can access otherwise impossible to reach areas. Knytt Underground normally runs $14.99 (when it is not free for PlayStation Plus subscribers) and is available as a Cross-Buy title for the PS3 and PS Vita.

Outside of the new addition to the free Instant Game Collection, this week’s update will also offer PlayStation Plus members a discount on two new/upcoming titles. Koch Media and 4A Games’ first person shooter, Metro: Last Light, will have a 20% PS Plus discount during its launch week — bringing the game down to $48. Codemasters’ GRID 2 launches later this month, but PlayStation Plus subscribers can pre-order the title this week for a 10% discount — making it $53.99.

Leaving the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on May 21st is Tekken 6 (PSP) and Darksiders, so make sure to get them added to your download list before next week’s PlayStation Store update.

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