PlayStation Plus Vote To Play Feature Will Reportedly Allow Players To Have Their Say On Monthly Line-Up


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement, a new report has surfaced that suggests Sony is primed to roll out a new feature for the PlayStation Network that will allegedly allow fans to have a say on which titles make it onto the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

News comes via NeoGaf, where a handful of eagle-eyed users spotted the new polling system on the What’s New section of the PlayStation 4 interface. Considering that the August line-up is now out in the open, this feature will seemingly be implemented in the build-up to the September freebies, as PlayStation owners lobby for one new addition from a choice of three.

Before the listing was pulled – which essentially confirms Vote to Play is indeed authentic – the selection included Armello, Zombie Vikings, and Grow Home. As a matter of fact, Ubisoft’s latter platformer is yet to be confirmed for a console release, and it looks as though Sony may have leaked the port prematurely. According to an advert that was tethered to the poll, players can rally behind their favorite software all in the hope of it making the cut for the following month.

An exciting way to have your say on what you’d like to play next through PlayStation Plus. While voting is open you will be able to check which titles are receiving the most votes or change your own vote at any time. Then the votes will be counted and the chosen game will be available as part of the PS+ monthly games the following month.

Given the success of PlayStation Plus, which has come an awful long way from its premium beginnings circa 2010, the ability to have a say on the software selection for the following month – even if it is only one title – will certainly be an exciting prospect for PlayStation owners. We’ll update this post if Sony releases anything official regarding the Vote to Play feature.

Source: NeoGaf