PlayStation Store Listing Outs Journey Due Date On PS4



If a listing on Sony’s PlayStation Store is to be believed, thatgamecompany’s serene, visually stunning platformer Journey will be weaving its way onto PlayStation 4 later this month.

According to the post, the critically-adorned title will hit the company’s current-gen hardware on July 21, though there is still no word of an announcement from either Sony or thatgamecompany. Either way, it’s been a long time coming, with the Japanese publisher revealing the port at Gamescom last year. Since then, all has been quiet on both fronts, but going off of this as-yet-unconfirmed listing, Journey‘s arrival on PS4 appears to be imminent.

Stepping in for Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen’s indie studio is Tricky Pixels, who will be handling the game’s transition from one generation to the next. Upon its initial unveiling, Sony noted that the PS4 version of Journey would run at 1080p, rendering the sun-kissed sands of the game’s location like never before.

For the uninitiated, thatgamecompany’s award-winning title is the third – and arguably greatest – member of a spiritual trilogy that includes like-minded titles Flower and Flow. Stripping away a HUD and any sense of hand-holding, Journey is an experience shaped by the players as much as anything else, and the studio’s magnum opus is a striking combination of excellent music, lush visuals and a profound, yet minimalistic story.

We’ll keep you updated on this purported release date for Journey as the story develops, but for now, let us know whether you’re interested in playing – or indeed re-playing – the game using the comments below.

Source: PlayStation

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