PlayStation Store PLAY Returns For 2014 With Discounts On Four New Titles

playstation play  2014

Sony’s annual PlayStation Store PLAY event is once again returning for 2014, as gamers will once again be able to get their hands on four new anticipated titles coming to the PlayStation 4. PLAY 2014 officially kicks off next Tuesday (07/29) and will run through August 25.

Kicking off this year’s event will be Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy, which launched for the PC back in October 2013. A platformer with rogue-like elements, the title is brutally tough, but has a unique hook in its genealogy system. When an adventurer dies, one of three randomly generated heirs will take up the cause instead, each with their own different genetic traits.

Following on August 5, will be The Swapper, a puzzle-platformer from Facepalm Games. Launched last year on the PC to critical acclaim, this puzzler is all about clones, as players will have to generate numerous copies of themselves in order to solve increasingly difficult puzzles. Created clones will move alongside you until they are stopped, and you can even swap controls with any of these clones, provided they are in your line of sight.

August 12 brings the first PlayStation exclusive title of PLAY 2014, as the colorful Hohokum arrives. Described by developer Richard Hogg as a game about “relaxing in a space and just enjoying the experience and the music,” Honeyslug’s latest effort is hard to properly explain. Basically, players control a serpent-like creature and are tasked with exploring the world, with very little in the way of goals guiding you.

The event will close with intriguing 2D side-scroller, CounterSpy. The first title to be released from developer Dynamighty, the stealth title is set in an alternate history version of the Cold War. Presumably, there will be more action in this alternate version of the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, or else we would have a pretty boring game on our hands.

Each title will be Cross-Buy supported, which means that just one purchase will grant you access to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of each game as well. PlayStation Plus users will also be able to save an additional 20% on each title if they pre-order now.

Additionally, purchasing two or more of the games listed above will also entitle you to bonus credit. Purchasing two titles will give you $3 in credit, purchasing three will give you $6 and purchasing all four will give you $10. Credit earned during the sale will be delivered by September 5 and will expire on October 3.

Personally, I’m interested in each of these titles coming in PLAY 2014, even if some of the prices seem a little off ($16.99 for Rogue Legacy is a tough pill to swallow). It’s a nice mixture of unique and interesting games, and while August already has some heavy hitters landing on store shelves, these smaller releases are just as intriguing.

Source: Joystiq