PlayStation Store’s Golden Week Sale Celebrates Japanese Games


While many gamers, myself included, have been spending some quality time getting acquainted with the PlayStation 4, it might be easy to forget the massive back library that Sony’s older systems have to offer, and the fact that the company has been offering numerous sales on the PlayStation Store for digital titles for a while now. They don’t seem to have any intentions of slowing down with these sales, either.

Case in point: Today’s PlayStation Store update will kick off the week-long Golden Week Sale, a new promotion devoted to showing off some of the best PS3 and Vita games that Japanese developers have to offer. Gamers will have the opportunity to take advantage of heavy discounts on numerous titles and compilations, including the PS1 versions of both Chrono games, both the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Soul Calibur V, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and numerous others. As with past sales, PlayStation Plus members will get access to even bigger price slashes.

The Golden Week Sale will run from today through May 5. Tell us, do you intend to take advantage of this week’s discounts for any purchases? Sound off below!