PlayStation VR To Launch With Free Demo Disc, Includes Eight Games


No, you haven’t travelled back in time 20 years to a period when demos were still handed out as free gifts with gaming mags; it’s still 2016. It’s been announced today though that Sony’s PlayStation VR device will ship with a free demo disc containing eight trial games in order to give you the “perfect introduction to your new Virtual Reality world.”

Included on the disc will be the likes of EVE: Valkyrie, Driveclub VR and PlayStation VR Worlds, an underwater exploration title that hides a “lost secret and extreme danger.”

The full list is as follows:

  • DRIVECLUB VR – Evolution Studios
  • PlayStation VR Worlds – LONDON STUDIO. In this demo you get to make a splash in the perilous waters of Ocean Descent, one of the five PS VR experiences available in the full game.
  • RIGS Mechanized Combat League – Guerrilla Games
  • Tumble VR – Supermassive Games
  • Battlezone – Rebellion
  • EVE: Valkyrie – CCP
  • Wayward Sky – Uber Entertainment
  • Headmaster – Frame Interactive

Considering the relative newness of the technology, the inclusion of a demo disc for PlayStation VR is a smart move by Sony, giving those still on the fence a reason to pick up the device on day one, knowing that it comes bundled with several free trials for full games rather than simple tech demos.

PlayStation VR launches on October 13 and will be the exclusive home of highly anticipated VR games Batman: Arkham VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, both of which are looking fantastic so far.

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