PlayStation VR Reportedly Holds Lion’s Share Of VR Market, Ahead Of Both Oculus Rift And HTC Vive


Though it spent a little longer in the oven compared to its closest competitors, PlayStation VR reportedly holds the lion’s share of the virtual reality market, with research firm 01consulting claiming Sony’s head-mounted device accounts for around 30 percent of the VR space.

VentureBeat has the report, revealing that figures posted by 01consulting (see below) peg the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at 11 percent and 6 percent, respectively, while Google Cardboard and the recently-unveiled Daydream device reportedly account for 8 percent. On the topic of entry-level devices, Samsung’s Gear headsets are said to represent 7 percent of the market, and you can find an illustration of how those devices fare down below. Keep in mind that 01consulting’s data is based on “evaluated and estimated product sales for over 30 companies and 40 products globally through revenues and units sold/used for each of the vendors.”

A relatively affordable price point coupled with the PS4’s formidable install base ensured Sony’s PSVR was able to achieve market dominance, even if total sales are said to be lower than expected. To date, the Japanese platform-holder is yet to disclose official figures, but just last week research firm SuperData deemed virtual reality the “biggest loser” of the holiday season, leading to a revised forecast for PSVR’s sales.

Here’s that aforementioned graphic posted by 01consulting:


Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the launch of PS4 Pro last month, at least in the virtual reality field, Sony’s PlayStation VR continues to perform overly well. A strong lineup of first and indeed third-party titles will ensure that momentum carries over into 2017, but the company can at least take solace in knowing that, at least according to 01consulting, PSVR is comfortably ahead of the competition.