PlayStation Offering PS4 Owners Up To $50,000 To Find Security Flaws

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Sony may be gearing up to retire the PlayStation 4 as its flagship gaming console in the near future, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking security on the platform seriously. In fact, the Japanese corporation has just announced a new initiative in collaboration with cybersecurity company HackerOne aimed at giving consumers the chance to earn some big cash rewards for helping keep gamers safe online.

Any individual who thinks they have knowledge of a glaring flaw in either the PS4 or PlayStation Network’s infrastructure can submit reports directly to HackerOne, whereupon Sony will assess the situation and respond accordingly. If you’re the first to make it aware of a particularly egregious bug or other issues, you could find yourself the recipient of $50,000 in return.

Not every problem has the potential to cause widespread panic, of course, and any bounty that’s successfully admitted will be remunerated depending on severity. For the tiers and how much cash you can expect to earn for lending a helping hand, see below.

PlayStation Network

  • Critical – $3,000
  • High – $1,000
  • Medium – $400
  • Low – $100

PlayStation 4

  • Critical – $50,000
  • High – $10,000
  • Medium – $2,500
  • Low – $500

For those eager to get involved but perhaps don’t want to waste their time hunting down flaws without any reward, it’s worth noting that this particular program excludes any devices older than the PS4, handheld or otherwise, as well as any open-source software vulnerabilities which have been public for 7 days or less. Third-party software is also omitted, for obvious reasons.

As of writing, HackerOne notes that of the 88 reports so far resolved, just 10 have been applicable for a monetary reward, with the average payout being $400. Think you can get the $50,000 grand prize? Hit the link below to get started!