Here’s The Plot Of Pokemon Black and White 2…In Japanese

If you can understand Japanese, or just want to see some cool animation without being bogged down by that pesky context through dialogue, Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pokemon Black Version and White Version 2. And they’re awesome.

Now, it may be because I haven’t watched the cartoon since the Gold/Silver era, but is the cartoon this amazing? I mean, we’ve got monsters yelling and spewing lightning and fire all over the place. We’ve got chicks that are missing the top half of their glasses. We’ve got Arcanine grabbing a Seviper out of mid-freakin’-air.

And my god, that music! Pokemon needs more metal! It also needs a 3D game for once on the Wii U or something, but I digress.

Have a look for yourselves.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.